WEEK 1 – 13 SEPTEMBER 2013

Assalammualaikum and hye everyone !


This is the first class for the Educational Technology. So as usual our lecturer, Dr. Rossenni briefly explain to us about this course. How this course will be evaluate and the assignments that we need to do along the 14 weeks. She also shows us a few videos produced by our seniors so that we had an idea to work on the assignments after that. Some of the assignments are producing an introductory video and video production at the end of this course. For the introductory video, she only ask us to create a short video about our ownself. As for the final assignments, we need to develop a video based on solving problem and we will work on it as a group with four members.


As the time moving, the development of technology also moving in the fastest rate. Nowadays, there were so many gadgets and tools related to the technology and as a teacher if we do not know about technology, we will left behind.


Before the class end, I’ve said to myself that this class is different from the others class and I can learn something new from this class. Hope that I will love it, go through it, faces the challenges and learn as much as I can so that if one day in shaa Allah I need to apply it in my classrooms, I can make it because I’ve learned it.


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